If we had to keep something, only one thing in these fifty years, it would be impossible. And, if we are sincere, we do not see the necessity either.

We are everything that has happened to us in all this time. Everything. Every little story and every great decision. Everything as a whole, has taken us where we are now and has made us what we are. But, none of that, would have happened without persistence and commitment.

Our origin as manufacturers, of which we cannot be more proud. Our desire to grow, to be relevant. Our fears and our bets. Each one of the people who have passed through here, with whom we have shared challenges, successes and also frustrations.

We are the awards received and the blocking time looking at a blank page. We are that first chair number 1. And at the same time, the last libris table. That trip to the Milan Fair in 1982 full of doubts and of which we returned full of excitement.

We are the thousand attempts that were needed until we managed to shape the eco chair. And all calls we need to convince our designers, now friends, that collaborating with us was a great idea.

We are laughs and frowns. The applause and the blows on the table. Every splinter that we have stuck in our hands. And every drop of sweat that has slipped down our foreheads. We are fabric. Metal. And everything that we imagine. But above all, we are wood.

We are CAPDELL. A brand with fifty years of history that dies of desire to continue striving in the next fifties.