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iconica by Gabriel Teixidó
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Mediterranean sensuality joins forces with Scandinavian rigour to create this comfortable, solid and light piece from beech wood, with an upholstered seat. Icónica reveals the formal and industrial rigour of the brand and its capacity to give form to inspiring designs.


droplets side table by Claesson Koivisto Rune
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Droplets by Claesson Koivisto Rune presents a collection of side tables with metal feet. This collection can create a warm and sophisticated atmosphere in any kind of architecture. The shapes that drops of water create on a flat surface create the silhouette of the stools. The resulting eight pieces complement one another and create endless possibilities.

libris System  by  Vicent Martinez
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Libris System by Vicent Martínez incorporates a central opening for cabling and electricity and includes complements such as lamps and separating panels. It adapts to spaces with multiple uses and enables the positioning of numerous workstations. A table that allows an infinity of possibilities. Based on one-hand-a-half metre modules, the tables can be configured without limit for differeent uses, needs and spaces.

nix barstool  by patrick norguet
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NIX has just won a Red Dot award, before its was the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2018, which recognise its technical innovation and traditionally crafted design. The NIX chair represents a meeting point between technical avant-garde and a handcrafted and iconic design which gives it a unique identity, with light and pleasant curves on a fine, dynamic structure. NIX STOOL is a piece with a silhouette that takes up the architecture of the chair and adapts its 3D spherical geometry to the wood of the seat and the backrest.

a-collection by Fran Silvestre
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A-Collection is a chair that breathes design and comfort, generated from two elements: a metallic structure, with a very thin metal rod, and a wooden casing that provides the ergonomics. The stool for the A-Collection by Fran Silvestre maintains its juxtaposition between the metallic structure and the organic geometry of the wood that defines this line and which favours comfort and geometry.